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Pusad urban co operative bank was established in 1985.The founders of the bank had a noble objective.They wanted to excel the socio economic development of backward Vidarbha region. “Rural people should be self dependent” that was the goal. Since then the bank is working for the economic development of the Vidarbha. It facilitates rural employment and agro based industries. Pusad urban bank will continue to work in same manner and will bring prosperity in the life of the downtrodden and socially handicapped people.

Pusad urban cooperative bank always try to offer innovative customer service and schemes. In order to do so we are starting Core Banking facility very soon. Latest technology used to provide quality service to the customer’s satisfaction.
Core Banking   ATM Network   SMS Banking
Tech-enabled Banking
SMS Banking
Easy Pay
Anywhere banking
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Pusad Urban Cooperative Bank always try to offer innovative customer Services & Schemes.Pusad
Urban Cooperative Bank always try to offer innovative customer Services....
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The Maharashtra State Co-operative Banks Association Ltd., Mumbai Kai Padmabhushan Vasantdata Patil Best Urban Co-operative bank has Awarded within Vidarbha to the bank for the Financial year 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98 awarded by first prize...
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